3 Steps to Trusting God in a Midst of a Waiting Season


You were praying for something to happen for a long time and it still did not happen? You are not alone. It is easy to get discouraged when you have to wait on God. In this article I give you 3 steps to trusting God in a midst of a waiting season.


Waiting seasons are hard. I know what it is like. I have been there. And I am going through one right now.


There are constantly going to be things for which we pray to happen but the answer is delayed. And that’s natural. Not only is it natural, it is also necessary for our spiritual growth.


God makes us wait on Him to strengthen our faith.


But what do we do in a waiting season? How do we really trust God and not lose our faith?


1. Realize that everything is in His hands anyway

The truth is that even if we try to manipulate situations and make things happen we are still powerless against the will of God.


Abraham received a promise from God that he will have a son. Years passed by and nothing happened. Abraham and his wife started to get discouraged so they decided to speed things up. This did not go well.


God did fulfill His promise to them and they had a son. But because they tried to speed things up themselves there were consequences that their family had to suffer.


So when God gives us hope that something will happen then we should not try to manipulate situations or people to make that happen. If that assurance that you have indeed comes from God then it will come to pass. Even without you trying to make it happen.

To remember-

2. Consciously surrender everything to Him

If God is in control, then there is nothing I can do to make it happen. So the natural response to realizing that He is in control is to surrender completely to Him and trust in His leading.


God wants our best. And He knows that trials and struggles make us stronger. He knows that temptations teach us obedience. He knows that waiting seasons teach us how to trust Him.


Therefore, we should trust that our Heavenly Father knows best what we need in this particular season of our life.


God is more interested in whom we become (our character) than in how we feel at the moment (happy or not happy).


I am not saying that God does not want us to be happy. He just knows better what will make us happy in a long run.

To remember- (1)

3. Cling on to the hope you have


God hears all your prayers. That thing you were praying about for a long time that still did not come to pass – He heard you, all of those times you prayed.


And I do not know why there is a delay in your particular situation, but God knows what He is doing. God loves you. And He has His own reason for delaying the answer.


They only thing you can do right now is hope. The Bible says: “Those who know your name trust in you, for you, Lord, have never forsaken those who seek you” (NIV, Psalm 9.10).


God loves you. And if you feel like your hope is coming from God and He has given you the assurance that that thing you pray about will happen – then it will happen.


I am in the waiting season right now. And you and me are probably waiting for different things. But there is one God. And He knows what we really need right now. He knows what each one of us needs.


He knows what you need right now.


So we should decide to fill our minds with hope and encouragement. We should let God’s Word speak the truth to us and not let the circumstances discourage us.

To remember- (2)


What Bible verse is helping you to not lose hope? Share in the comment section below so that others who are also in a waiting season may be encouraged.


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  1. I think that holding on to Hope is so important and you’ve worded it so well in this post. We do tend to forget that hope is the anchor for our soul and thus forget to hole on to it!

  2. Great post. I started applying these three steps a few years ago, and it’s done wonders for my stress and worrying!

  3. The truth is that even if we try to manipulate situations and make things happen we are still powerless against the will of God.

    that phrase about knocked the wind out of me. GREAT stuff!!!! I really enjoyed this post.


  4. Wonderful words of wisdom and encouragement… holding on to “hope” is so, so important! And trusting God to work it out (which is hard) when we can’t see the end result yet! Thanks!

    • Thank you, Clare! Holding on to hope is indeed very important.

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