4 Easy Steps to Effective Bible Study

In order to study the Bible effectively we need to rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit and see what He reveals to us personally through the Word of God. Here are 4 steps to receiving revelation while studying the Bible:


1. Ask God to speak to you through the Bible

We cannot study the Bible effectively on our own power. We can spend hours and hours memorizing and meditating on the Scripture, but if we do not have the Holy Spirit revealing us what the Scripture means, then we will get very little out of the Bible study.


Therefore, before studying the Bible we should always ask God to speak to us through His Word.


And I am not just referring to the Bible speaking to all Christians the same thing. The Bible does speak in generally to believers and talks about some general things that apply to all of us. But with the help of the Holy Spirit God can speak to us through the Bible personally.


God can take a general statement from the Bible and apply it to a particular circumstance in our life.


2. Read the Bible slowly


Read the Bible slowly paying attention to each verse you read and seeing if God might want to point you to some specific passage of scripture.


After some time of reading the Holy Spirit would usually point me to a verse. It could be something that seems interesting to me or something that intrigues me.


I take a pencil and highlight that verse according to my color code. I then write the first thought that comes to my mind about that verse on the side. You can read more on color coding and annotating the Bible in this article: How to Enjoy Reading the Bible


3. Record what the Holy Spirit reveals to you

After the Holy Spirit has directed me to a specific verse, I stop my reading and think about that one verse. I then take out my notepad and record my initial ideas about the verse. As I am writing those ideas down, the Holy Spirit would fuel my mind with even more ideas to which I would not be able to come have I not written those initial ideas down.


I sometimes end up writing the entire page being inspired by just one verse. So writing what the Holy Spirit reveals to you is important if you want to hear what else He has to say to you through that verse.


4. Apply that revelation to your own life

After having written everything I was inspired to write, I start to write almost the same thing in the first person.


So even through the verse might have been very general, the Holy Spirit helps me to apply it to my personal life. In this way God can communicate to me personally.


How are you studying the Bible? Do you have any tips that could help others to study the Word of God?


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  1. “God can take a general statement from the Bible and apply it to a particular circumstance in our life.” – I love this!

    And by the way: There is a free eBook of you?? How cool is that!

    Keep on doing what you are doing! I love reading your weekly posts!

    • Thank you, Tony! It’s a short eBook – let me know what you think :)

  2. What an excellent post!! Yes! I have to keep reminding myself of these tips when I fall out with it.

    • Thank you, Gina! I sometimes have to read my own blog posts again to remind myself of what I have already learned in the past :)

      • Tee hee hee..I have done that too. I am so glad that you became a christian. I came across your blogs from googling benefits of a christian long distance relationship. It was comforting to me that you shared how you allow yourself to get sad. I wasant planning to have a long distance relationship but God engineered in minute detail for us to meet.

  3. I love how you simplified the process and made it Bible Study approachable for everyone no matter their experience level. One of my favorite things to do while studying the Bible is to use a tool that helps me see the original translation of the text. I have this awesome program on my computer that easily breaks the text down for me and lets me see the original words and their definition. This adds so many layers of dept to the text and gives me a deeper understanding of the true intent of the words. It is a bit advanced, but It has really helped me take things to the next level.

    • Thank you, Sarah.

      I have not heard of this kind of tool before. But it sounds like something that could really be helpful in understanding the Bible better. Thank you for sharing!

  4. This is a great article…. will follow this blog more often… Great reading

  5. Hi Kristina,
    As I am just beginning my journey, I am not aware of the presence of the Holy Spirit or God next to me. I want to learn how to talk to God; how to read scripture; how to pray and just be a godly person.
    I like your ideas, but I never know where to begin reading or what tools could be valuable to assist in my studies.
    Any guidance would be fantastic!
    Do you still have your ebook?

    • Hello Jim,

      First of all, I would suggest joining a local church, if you haven’t yet. That’s where you will get most of the guidance on how to be a Christian and how to walk with God. You will also get to meet a lot of godly people from whom you can learn a lot about prayer and Bible reading. Joining a Bible study with other believers would also be a good idea.

      The main thing in staying close to God is making time for Him every day. That can look like a 15-30min quiet time where you pray and read the Bible. I would suggest starting to read the Bible with the gospel of John.

      Some of the Bible translations I would suggest are ESV and NIV, they are easy to read and are of good quality. There is also a free Bible app you can get on your phone called The YouVersion.

      I also like to listen to sermons on my phone through a podcast app or on my computer. Some of the churches I can suggest to listen sermons from are Saddleback Church, Calvary Chapel St. Petersburg and Life Church. John MacArthur is also good.

      Hope that helps!

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