4 Reasons Christians Need Regular Exercise


I have been exercising my entire life on a regular basis. But recently I took a break from exercising for few weeks. And here is what I learned from this experience.


In the few weeks of me not exercising I started to feel tension build up in my muscles. I would wake up after sleeping for 8 hours and feel tiredness in my body. I felt alert mentally but I could feel tension in my muscles. I also started to worry and feel discouraged more often.


I could not feel peace anymore. I could not feel His peace even during my quiet time. I could not feel God’s presence anymore.


When I finally went to exercise again all of the above symptoms disappeared immediately. I felt relaxed, happy, and I could finally feel God’s peace again in my Spirit.


Here are 4 reasons why Christians need regular exercise:


1. Exercise helps you to reconnect with God

In those weeks when I did not exercise stress started to build up in my life and there was no way to get it out of my life. Swimming would usually help me to get rid of stress. But since I was not exercising I just started to feel more and more stressed out.


I even felt stressed out during my quiet time. I could not pray and be still in His presence. Thoughts were just racing through my mind and I could not rest in Him.


It’s hard to be still in His presence when you cannot still your thoughts.


After swimming it felt like all my problems just vanished and I could feel peace again. My mind was at rest and so I could feel His presence.


Exercise helps to calm you down so that you can feel God’s presence again.


The Holy Spirit always wants to give us peace. But it’s usually us who are not able to receive it.


2. Exercise helps you to be a better representative of Christ

It is easy to get discouraged. Christian life is not easy. But if we let ourselves be discouraged then how are we going to bring others to Jesus?


We are not being good ambassadors for Christ when we are always discouraged and depressed.


Happy Christians are contagious. Everybody wants to know what makes one happy.


People naturally want to be around happy people. And exercise helps you to stay happy. Exercise helps you to get all your negative emotions out during the exercise so that you can be a good representative of Christ.


 3. Exercise gives you more time to fulfill your calling

God has created you for a specific calling. But in order for you to fulfill that calling you need to be alive. God cares about your physical health. And the better physical shape you are in the more God will be able to use you.


It is God’s will for you to be healthy. Exercising will help you to stay healthy for a long time.


Exercise will also help you to feel good physically and so you will have more energy to fulfill your calling.


4. Exercise helps you to be more effective in fulfilling your calling

Exercise gives you more mental energy. When you exercise blood starts flowing into your brain and so you can actually think better.


My problems are solved in the swimming pool. My ideas also come to me while swimming.


Exercise not only gives you more mental energy, but it also makes you more focused and productive in whatever you do. So you can actually operate at your highest potential if you learn to take good care of your body.


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What is your favorite type of exercise? What kind of exercise could you do this week?


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  1. There is so much to read, cant believe I have been missing all this, thank you for writing. May God bless you and inspire you every day just as you inspire us, thank you

    • Thank you, Jemimmah! This means a lot to me. God bless you!

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