4 Steps to Taking Your Quiet Time to the Next Level


Do you want to feel God’s presence, hear His voice, and walk in the Spirit every day? In this article I am going to tell you 4 steps to taking your quiet time to the next level and experiencing God on a daily basis.


When I was a baby Christian I thought that to have a quiet time means to read my Bible. Now I don’t believe that anymore.


Quiet time is not about the Bible – it is about Jesus.


So here are 4 steps to taking your quiet time to the next level:


1. Connect with Jesus


Before I would set a daily Bible reading goals for my quiet time. But I stopped doing that.


Quiet time is not about meeting Bible reading goals – it is about meeting Jesus.


So now instead of aiming to meet my daily reading goals I aim to connect with Jesus.


The first thing you should do in your quiet time is pray and ask God to refill you with His Spirit so that you may spend the time together with Jesus.


2. Spend time in His presence


The next thing I do is I start to read my Bible. And as I start to read it I start filling up with His peace. And it is feeling His presence that matters not the act of reading the Bible itself.


Reading the Bible is not about deepening our knowledge about God – it is about deepening our relationship with God.


Reading the Bible during our quiet time is not the purpose of the quiet time itself. It is not the final destination. We read the Bible so that we can get tuned into feeling God’s presence.


To find out more about feeling God’s presence while reading the Bible check out this article: How to Enjoy Reading the Bible. The article is going to teach you how to feel His presence  while reading your Bible and therefore make your reading time enjoyable.


But even feeling God’s presence is not the final destination. We feel God’s presence so that we may start hearing His voice.


3. Hear from God


The fact that God has already given us the Word does not mean that He does not have any more words to give us.


God did not run out of words when He gave us the Bible. Even though we have the Bible it does not mean that God cannot speak to us. He is a living God. He can speak to us personally directly into our minds.


The Bible is a general roadmap of God’s will for our life. Hearing His voice is a more detailed roadmap for our life. And if we want to fulfill the purpose that God created us for than we need to know exactly what is His will for us not just in general but today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.


The Bible does not exclude hearing God’s voice. And so God’s voice does not exclude the Bible. We need both of those things.


God’s voice can be defined as spontaneous revelation that comes to your mind.


To learn how to hear God’s voice read this article where I walk you through 6 steps of hearing God:  How to Hear God’s Voice


4. Walk in the Spirit

Quiet time is not the only time we should spend with God. Quiet time is the time we spend with God alone. All other time is the time we spend with God while being surrounded by other people.


We should not limit the time we spend with God to our quiet time. Quiet time helps us to reconnect with God and get into His presence so that for the rest of the day we can be connected with Him and let His light shine through us to others.


What is the best tip you can give to help others to take their quiet time to the next level? Write your tip in the comment section below – it can be really helpful to all of us. 



  1. Great article! I love this line “Reading the Bible is not about deepening our knowledge about God – it is about deepening our relationship with God.” I think a lot of times people read simply to learn more about God than to deepen that relationship. I love how you put having quiet time before reading the Bible. We need to have that time before hand. It is a spiritual book, that must be illuminated by the Holy Spirit. Finally, I love point 4. It is often forgotten that we have an indwelling Lord. We must allow Him to live through us, walking by His Spirit daily. — Good stuff. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me :)

  2. Hi Kristina.

    Excellent article. I love the change in focus, ie, not having a reading goal, but focusing on the relationship. In My quiet time with God in the morning, I ask him how he is, I ask him if there is something in particular he wants me to do. I ask him what is breaking his heart, I tend not to ask for things for myself in prayer, I also make a point to not do all the talking, after all, a conversation involves at least two people, if one is monopolising the talking, then its a monologue. I experience God’s presence in many ways, especially in worship music, but worship is not just singing hymns/songs of praise. I heard recently, that obedience will help you stay in His presence. I experience His presence in long walks through the country side, playing with children, praying for someone. Reading the Bible, but not at all times. Jesus withdrew many times to be alone. He fasted for 40 days by himself. I notice how some Christians can be too busy that they don’t have quality time with their heavenly Father. Just heard recently that Busy can be an abbreviation that stands for Busy Under Satan’s Yoke. What a better way to separate us from His presence.

    Keep up the good work.

    Daniel J Silve

    • Thank you so much! Yes, it is really important to invest time in our relationship with Him daily. After all, that’s the most important thing in life. I myself sometimes get busy, but I always have to remind myself that nothing in life matters more than Him and that all the to do list’s I want to accomplish on a given day are worthless compared to the time I could be spending building an eternal relationship with God. Thanks for your comment!

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