5 Easy Steps To Walk in the Spirit Daily


To walk in the Spirit is to have your every step directed by the Holy Spirit. Here are 5 steps to help you walk in the Spirit daily:


1. Be baptized in the Holy Spirit


If you already have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, now you can ask Him to baptize you in the Holy Spirit.


To be baptized in the Holy Spirit is not the same kind of baptism that John the Baptist performed in water.


To be baptized in the Holy Spirit you need to ask Jesus to fill you with the Holy Spirit. It is very simple, but you have to take it seriously.


If you ask Jesus in faith to fill you with the Holy Spirit and believe that you have received it, than you can consider yourself baptized in the Holy Spirit.


John the Baptist said: “”I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire” (NIV, Matthew 3.11).


John the Baptist was referring here to Jesus that will baptize all believers with the Holy Spirit.


So it is Jesus who is to baptize us in the Spirit. We can ask our local church to help us, but it is still going to be Jesus who will baptize us in the Spirit and not a human being performing the ceremony of baptism.


2. Be refilled with the Holy Spirit daily


Once we are baptized in the Holy Spirit He is not going to leave us, but we need to be daily made receptive of Him in order to be led by Him.


To refill with the Spirit daily we need to do the things that make us feel the Spirit daily. A strong indication that you are receptive of the Spirit at any given moment is feeling peace in your spirit.


So aim to do the things that make you feel God’s peace, because when you do feel that peace you are receptive to the communication from the Holy Spirit.


The best way for me personally to reconnect with the Holy Spirit, to feel His peace, is to have some quiet time alone with God.


I pray, read the Word slowly, and listen to God’s voice. You can read more in this article: 4 Steps to Taking Your Quiet Time to the Next Level


3. Be guided by the Holy Spirit 

To be guided by the Holy Spirit is to do or not to do something based on the feelings that the Spirit is giving you.


I am not talking about emotions that are always changing. You feel your emotions usually in the chest area, you feel the Spirit-given feelings in the stomach area.


Those feelings given by the Spirit do not change when your moods change, and they are also not affected based on what you know or do not know about something.


The feeling that your are probably most often going to get from the Spirit is the feeling of peace when you are on the right track and a feeling of discomfort, or lack of peace, when you are not on the right track.


Other feeling that you are probably going to get very often is the desire to do something or lack of it.


There are many other feelings that the Spirit can give you, and with experience you will learn how to discern them.


Positive feelings towards something (peace, desire to do it) is an indication of where the Spirit wants you to go. Negative feelings (discomfort, lack of desire) are an indication that the Spirit does not want you to go there.


4. Be instructed by the Holy Spirit 

To be instructed by the Holy Spirit is to hear God’s voice.


There are many ways God can speak to you through the Holy Spirit but the most common way the God will speak to you, at least in my personal experience, is by giving you spontaneous revelations that come to your mind.


You are a unique human being, so God will not necessary speak to you in the same way He speaks to me. He can speak through dreams, visions, and many other ways.


But the most important thing is to listen daily to what the Spirit is telling you either though revelations, visions, dreams or other way unique to you.


To find out more I encourage you to read this article: How to Hear God’s Voice


5. Discern the Holy Spirit’s Leadership 

Here are some strong indicators that the feelings and instructions you receive come from the Holy Spirit:


  • It must align with what the Word says and teaches.


  • The feeling that you get from the Spirit must align with what God is telling you.


  • Often there will be a confirmation of circumstances. Where the Spirit is leading you will happen without your influence of it.


  • Confirmation from other mature believers that know you and the Holy Spirit well.


What tip would you give to somebody who wants to walk in the Spirit daily?


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