5 Easy Ways to Stay Close to God in a Busy Life Season


You want to stay close to God, but struggle to find the time for Him? I’ve been there. In this article I tell you 5 ways to stay close to God when you are in a busy life season.


Most of us are busy. Whether it’s family, work, studies, or something else. We all struggle to some extent to find time for God.


1. Spend time alone with God daily (could be just few minutes)


If Jesus is our Lord, then He is our primary priority. So spending time with Him should be our primary priority.


If we do not have time for God, then we have to make time for Him.


I know it is hard to find time to spend alone with God. I wake up at 5 am during the week to be able to have my quiet time before going to university.


But you do not have to wake up that early. Just start small.


What to do during your quiet time? Pray and read His Word. You could just pick one verse and think about it for few minutes. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal to you what that verse means. And then apply it to your own life as you get on with your day.


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2. Listen to God’s Word while doing something else

There are many resources online: podcasts, videos, ministry websites with free sermons, Christian audiobooks, free audio Bibles, free Bible apps for phones, and many others.


While I am getting ready in the morning I always listen to sermons or worship music. When I walk from the train station to my university I also listen to podcasts from different Christian pastors. When I come home in the evening I listen to something Christian.


I constantly fill my mind with God’s Word or Christian teachings based on God’s Word. This really helps me to stay focused on God during the day.


You could listen to God’s Word or something based on God’s Word while you are cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, walking the dog, exercising, or doing anything that does not require your whole attention.


3. Read God’s Word while you are waiting and have nothing else to do

There are probably some waiting time that you have that you could use for God.


Like waiting until your lunch break ends, or waiting for your kids, or waiting in a line, or taking a bus or a train to your work or university.


Every day I take a train to get to my university. So I just take a Christian book with me. And I read it every day while traveling on the train.


It might not seem like much, but it all adds up over time.


4. Talk with God in your mind instead of talking to yourself


We talk to ourselves in our minds all the time. We think and process things all the time.


For example, when I am spending hours in library trying to solve a mathematical problem I pray and ask God to help me understand the problem and come up with solution.


And after some time of praying He gives me the solution at the end. And then I start praising Him for helping me.


You can even make solving mathematical problems into a spiritual experience.


Talk to God about anything. He is listening. He wants you to talk to Him and ask Him for help.


5. Be receptive of the Holy Spirit throughout the day


Staying close to God also means staying receptive of the Holy Spirit.


God speaks to us through the Holy Spirit. God guides us through the Holy Spirit. God fills our hearts will love and peace through the Holy Spirit. God gives us strength and self-control through the Holy Spirit.


The problem is that we often get disconnected from the Holy Spirit.


So every day we should ask God to fill us with His Spirit so that we become aware of His dwelling in us and so that we have faith that He is in us.


The Holy Spirit can help us make little daily decisions by giving us peace about something or making us feel uncomfortable about doing something. If we really listen to the “feelings” that the Holy Spirit gives us then we will actually have fewer problems in our lives.


What is the one thing you could start doing today to stay close to God? 


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  1. Great post! I have trouble remembering to do these things daily and I appreciate your words of wisdom. Keep up the good work…I love your site!

  2. Great list! I love your statement, “If we do not have time for God, then we have to make time for Him.” I’m thankful He helps us with this when we remember to ask Him. Thank you for sharing your ideas!

  3. I love your website, so easy to read and follow. Thanks for sharing, I enjoy reading. God bless you.

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