5 Ideas of Things to Do and Not to Do on the Sabbath


How does it actually look like to keep the Sabbath? What are the things to do and not to do on this day? In this article I give you 5 ideas of things to do and not to do on the Sabbath.


5 things to DO on the Sabbath:


 1. Have longer quiet time

I like to have longer quiet time on this day because spending more time in the Word really helps to connect with God better and to start sensing His peace. Sabbath is a day when we should find rest in God. And we find rest in Him when we sense peace and just delight ourselves in His presence.


2. Worship

Worship Him alone and with other believers. For me it is going to church and singing there. I also sing at home sometimes when I have worship music on. But that’s not the only way to worship. You could be doing whatever brings your joy as worship to God (within biblical boundaries of course).


3. Meet with other believers

It is very important to have Christian friends especially if other 6 days of the week you spend with non-Christians. It could be going to church and socializing with people before and after the service.


4. Pursue a hobby

It could be anything that brings you joy and that you do not consider to be work. A good way to think of this is to do something that you do not do on any other day of the week. So if you like writing, but you are a writer by profession, then it’s probably not a good idea to write on your Sabbath also.


5. Focus your mind on God

Do something that will help you to get your mind focused on God. Whatever you like doing and what will inspire you to become closer to God – do that on your Sabbath. It could be a simple as reading a Christian book, watching a Christian movie, watching sermons, listening to Christian podcasts, or reading Christian blogs and magazines.


5 things NOT to do on the Sabbath:  


1. Do not work

For me this means not studying, as I study other 6 days of the week. Determine what is work for you and how you can plan your week in a way that you do not have to finish or do anything for your work on the Sabbath.


2. Do not think about work

Refuse to event think or worse worry about work on this day. This day is meant to help you get your mind focused back on God and rest from your work. It won’t be a day of peace and rest if you are constantly worried about the work that needs to be done.


3. Get away from social media

If being on social media is your “hobby” or something that brings you joy – then it’s ok for you. But I personally get so much of social media during the week that I just want to get away from it on the Sabbath. Staying at least somehow away from social media is something I really want to be more intentional about on my Sabbaths.


4. Do not feel guilty if you have to work

Jesus said that it is always lawful to do good on the Sabbath. So if somebody needs your help or there is an emergency, then do what needs to be done. It’s okay. Just be intentional about planning your week and trying to make sure that next time you will not have to work on the Sabbath.


5. Do not judge others who do not keep the Sabbath

I like to encourage people to keep the Sabbath, but who am I to judge? Sabbath is something that a person should come to out of their personal desire to spend time with God and out of desire to obey God’s Word.


What other ideas do you have for keeping the Sabbath? What do you do and not do on your Sabbaths?


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  1. Excellent thoughts here as always Kristina! :) I’ve been reading It’s Not What You Think by Jefferson Bethke. He wrote an excellent chapter about the Sabbath Day & how vital it is for our well-being. I recommend this book. God bless you Kristina. You right very well. Grace & Peace.

    • Thank you so much for encouraging me! This book is on my reading list and I hope to get to it some time soon. :)

  2. Thanks Kristina !
    I am always looking for someone to help or Bless in some way; ‘to do good’ on the Sabbath Day. However, I don’t always succeed…
    God Bless.

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