5 Steps to Bringing Your Loved Ones to Christ


It is our responsibility as followers of Christ to bring those around us to Him. Jesus saved us so that He can save through us. Here are 5 steps that I personally used to bring my own family to Jesus:


1. Decide whom you want to bring to Christ

If you want to bring somebody to Christ you have to be intentional about it. Chose few people who are closest to you and bring them to Christ first.


It is your responsibility to share Jesus with those around you, especially if the person is somebody who trusts you and respects your opinion. The better relationship you have with the person the more likely they are going to listen to you. And so if nobody is closer to that person than you, then it’s your responsibility to share the gospel with that person since there is nobody else whom they will trust more than you.


I decided to bring my parents to Christ first, as they are the people closest to me at this point in life and they are also the people on whom I have most influence. Because the better relationship you have with a person the more you will be able to influence that person, since they trust you.


Write down the names of people or even one person whom you want to bring to Jesus.


2. Start praying about them

Start praying about those few people daily. Ask God to change their hearts and make their hearts open to receiving Christ.


We should never underestimate praying. Jesus hears each one of our prayers and He certainly wants His lost sheep to be found.


Praying will also help you to love the people you pray about more since they are going to be often on your mind and you will start caring about them more.


Write yourself a reminder to pray about those people regularly.


3. Love them sacrificially

Love is the key to bringing somebody to Christ.


Start serving those people out of love. Start loving them sacrificially even when they do not appreciate it.


If you just keep on loving them and serving them even when you do not feel like serving them it will act as a powerful witness to them, especially if you did not serve them much before. The change in your character will make them wonder what made you change.


When I became close to Jesus my character changed significantly. I became more selfless and loving and I started to value relationships more. This acted as a powerful testimony to my family and they started to wonder what made me change that much.


This gave me the opportunity to share about Jesus with them.


If you serve your loved ones only for a little while and then get discouraged and return to your old ways then they will not believe.


Persevere in doing good and people will know that you were not doing it on your own will power but rather on God’s power.


So ask the Holy Spirit to give you to power to be good and love others sacrificially the way Jesus loves His church. Ask Jesus to make you receptive of the Holy Spirit so that others may see His light shine through you and also believe.


Commit to loving them daily with your actions of service.


4. Tell them about Jesus

Before you can tell about Jesus somebody you should prepare their mind and heart first.


You prepare their mind by serving them sacrificially so that they start to wonder what made you change and you ask Jesus to prepare their heart to be more open to Him.


Because if you share the gospel with them when they are not ready to receive it will likely just push them away from Jesus and they will become even more closed to it.


So when you share with a person about Jesus and you feel like the person’s heart or mind is not ready to receive it yet, then do not pressure that person with words. Instead pray and love them more and tell them again after a while and see how they respond.


I told my family a little bit about Jesus here and there not to pressure them with it. But for the most part I was serving them and praying for them continually.


Look for opportunities to share about Jesus with your loved ones. But make sure that you are spending more time loving and praying than preaching.


5. Assist them in accepting Jesus

When a person has responded positively to you sharing about Jesus and wants to inquire more, you should lead them into prayer or simply ask them this question: Do you believe that Jesus is your Lord and Savior? (But make sure they know what you mean by Lord and Savior)


And if the person just simply says yes or even nods without saying anything but he or she genuinely believed in his or her heart, then the person can be considered saved.


Because it’s not about the words we pray or things we say, it’s about the direction of our hearts. And if a person believes in Jesus as their Lord and Savior he or she is saved.


“And they said, “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved, you and your household”” (ESV, Acts 16:13).


Bringing a person to Jesus is just the beginning of their journey with Christ. Help them to become involved in a Christian community and assist them in becoming a mature believer.


Continue praying for them and serving them so that they do not turn away from Jesus.


What tip would you give somebody who wants to bring their loved ones to Jesus?


  1. I didnt knew that Writing name and setting a reminder to pray for our spiritual children is vital tip. From today i will be doing so. God bless u so much.

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