Hey! I’m Kristina and I am passionate about encouraging YOU in your walk with Jesus & your Kingdom purpose.


Living for His joy is not about being perfect or trying to earn His love. It’s about realizing how deeply and unconditionally we are already loved and out of our love for Him deciding to lead a gospel-centered life that brings delight to God.


God loves us unconditionally no matter what we do with our lives. But there are things that we do that do not please Him in the same way as there are things that we do that do please Him.


As a loving Father He never stops loving us and He takes joy in seeing us take baby steps towards spiritual maturity like a parent seeing a baby take his or her first steps.


Living for His joy is about discovering our own identities in Christ and living out the calling for which He has created us. It’s about being an intentional Christian and doing everything in our life with consideration of how it will be reflected on Christ.


Nobody is perfect. But it brings God delight when He sees us trying to take those baby steps.


At ForHisJoy you can expect to find articles to encourage you in your walk with Jesus and fulfilling your Kingdom purpose.


Kristina’s Story


I gave my heart to Jesus at the age of 18 when I heard the gospel for the first time.


I grew up in post-communist Ukraine with very little exposure to religion. But God gave me the opportunity to learn languages and get education that made it possible for me to hear the good news by watching sermons in English on YouTube.


Some time after accepting Christ I felt called to start this online ministry to help others to get to know Him better just like other people online helped me to be able to hear the gospel and get to know Christ through their online ministries.


Six months after starting this ministry God brought a young godly man into my life through Instagram. One year and a half later we got married and now my husband, James, regularly contributes to ForHisJoy with various Bible studies and articles. Since he is from the US, he also plays a major role in helping with proofreading most of my writing before it’s posted!

We currently live in Germany as I am finishing my university here. James moved here right after our wedding in Ukraine on May 13, 2017. He adjusted to the culture, learned German, and now is working in an accounting department here in Berlin. Super proud of him!


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