Is God Calling Me to Something Else?

When I first got saved, I became excited about God and passionate about serving Him. But how do we know in what way He wants us to serve Him? And how do we know God’s will in general for our life?


In one of the previous articles I talked about discovering our calling. You can read the article here: 4 Simple Steps to Discover Your Calling


But in this article I want to talk about being guided by God while we already are following that calling. Does the calling change or evolve over time? Do we just get to see one step at a time?


Around 2 years ago I started For His Joy online ministry. I felt called to do it and I still feel called. But for the past few months, God has also been putting something else on my heart.


As many of you know, I am originally from Ukraine. So Russian and Ukrainian are both my native languages.


Growing up in a former USSR country, I’ve heard a lot of stories of Bible’s being burned and people having to keep their faith in secret. Religion was basically prohibited in Soviet Union.


For that reason even though USSR does not exist anymore, a lot of people who now live in former USSR countries do not know God because they have never heard the gospel in the first place.


My parents and grandparents did not tell me much about God when I was growing up. They did not have the information themselves after living in the culture where churches were prohibited, Bibles burned, and internet non-existent.


There are 15 countries right now in the world that came out of USSR and that were oppressed in their religious freedom during Soviet Union. That’s millions of people who still speak Russian and are likely to still not know God because they have never even heard the gospel.


And that’s were it hit me.


God wanted me to learn English so that I can get to know Him. I got saved by watching sermons in English on YouTube. I heard the gospel for the first time from a YouTube video.


And then God told me to start this online ministry. But now I also feel like God is opening the door for ministry some place else too.


Now I can take all that I have learned in English from reading the Bible and from some of the best Christians ever and share that in Russian with all the people who have the background like I do, of growing up in a former USSR country, but did not have the opportunity to learn English enough to be able to get to know God in that language.


I heard the gospel for the first time while watching a YouTube video in English. Now I want to give the opportunity to Russian-speakers, who do not know English or do not know it well enough, to hear it too.


I feel like God wants me to take all that I have learned and start a Russian YouTube channel where I share the basics with people about God, the Bible, and more.


Before, people had to send missionaries to share the gospel in USSR, now I can just start a YouTube channel and reach 15 of those former USSR countries without even leaving home! What an opportunity for us Christians to share the good news!


And this does align with how God has been shaping me so far and it totally makes sense that He has been preparing me for this ministry all this time!


I’ll still continue this ministry in English, so no worries if you don’t know Russian:)


This is just an example of how God can lead us over time and suddenly everything starts to make sense and we realize that all that was happening before was happening for a reason – to prepare us for what He wants us to do now.


I encourage you to pray and ask God how He wants to use you in your unique situation.


Maybe you also happened to know some other language and want to take the gospel there? Or there is a cool thing you can do online to serve Him like videos, prints, graphic design? Or maybe there is a ministry in your church or town you want to be part of? Or maybe God wants you to focus on serving your family now?


There are so many options. Just start doing what you feel called to do and God will guide you where He wants you to go next!


You can do it with God’s help!


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