James & Kristina Love Story Part 1

When we tell people that we met on Instagram, people usually are very surprised and can’t wait to hear all the details about it. So we thought we’d share our love story online and hopefully it can encourage or inspire someone out there.


Kristina’s life shortly before meeting James:


I was studying Economics in Berlin, Germany, and went to visit my family in Ukraine for Christmas. I had been saved for almost 2 years at the time and was really growing in my relationship with the Lord. Although I was generally happy with my life, holidays like Christmas and watching all those romantic movies made me want to be in a relationship myself too. There were not many single men at the church I went to in Berlin and my university was secular, so I didn’t hope to meet anyone Christian there.


On one of the cold winter evenings in Ukraine, I was sipping tea with my mom and telling her how discouraged I felt about not being able to find a godly man. I remember coming to my room after that conversation all discouraged and crying out to God. “I just want a man that loves Jesus with his whole heart,” I said. After thinking about it for some time, I realized that even if it wasn’t God’s will for me to get married, I could still live a happy, fulfilled life serving God. So I told God that and went to sleep.


James’ life shortly before meeting Kristina:


I, James, was studying Economics at West Virginia University in the US at the time. I was and still am an extrovert with a lot of energy. I was pretty content in life in terms of how I was doing in my studies and in running my lawn care business. But I didn’t have much success with getting girls I liked to reciprocate that interest. All of my siblings were already married at the time and had kids, so at times I thought that perhaps it wasn’t God’s will for me to get married. As such, I decided to just focus on preparing for my career.


On one of the evenings around Christmas time I was talking with my friend. We were joking around and talking about the types of girls we liked. I remember commenting that I wanted to marry a girl that loved Jesus, had an interest in economics or finance, and cute. Additionally, I noted that I was rather fond of foreign accents, Russian being among them.


A few days later my friend jokingly sent me a screenshot of an Instagram account that met all of my criteria for the ideal girl. So I looked that girl up on Instagram. She was a Christian blogger, studied Economics, and was from Ukraine. I noticed that she was blonde and her name was Kristina. So I followed her, started reading her blog, and left a comment on Instagram and her website. That night I went to sleep not really considering that anything could or would come from those messages.


Here is what happened next…


I, Kristina, woke up the next morning and opened my laptop to check if anyone had left a comment on my latest blog post. It was just that last night that I cried out to God to bring a godly man into my life.


I saw there was one new comment from someone named James. It was the longest comment I had ever received on my blog! It had like 3 paragraphs. From reading it I could tell that he really knew the Bible and had to have been a Christian for a long time. Those 3 paragraphs were very well composed, and he complimented me on my writing too. So I wrote a reply to his comment, also a pretty long one.


On that day I was flying back to Germany and decided to take a picture of a rose arch coated in snow at my parents’ house. I then posted it on Instagram, under which James left a comment. I was curious if it was the same guy that left that long comment on my blog, and so I decided to check out his Instagram.


Below is the screenshot of the picture I posted on that day and my interaction with James:

Little did I know that a few months later we will be taking our engagement pictures under the very same rose arch!


James & Kristina Love Story Part 2 is coming soon.


  1. Absolutely beautiful story and how God Loves to give us exactly what we ask for and what we need!!
    Thank you once again for sharing and thank you for putting flesh on the love of Jesus!!!
    I know it is sometimes hard to be married, my first husband left me for another woman, but after being single and telling God I want no one in my life but him, He sent a Godly man into my life. His wife had died because of cancer.
    We were married a year later. And we discussed having a motorcycle ministry, as my husband at one time in his life was heading toward a life of being an outlaw within the motorcycle community. Now God has brought a motorcycle community (through our church) to us to start a ministry for motorcyclists. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us!
    And I am excited about and for you and James as y’all begin your adventure with God and marriage. It works if it is done God’s way!!!
    Do we still struggle, yes, do we need God-Yes!!! We are still learning at 68 and 69 years old.
    Love you two big!!! I can’t wait to meet y’all with Jesus and spend an eternity with y’all praising and loving Jesus!!!

    • Thank you SO much for this comment! It’s really sweet. I am glad our story could encourage you. Your story is inspiring too. God works in amazing ways! And I am also looking forward to meeting you one day too!

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