James & Kristina Love Story Part 2

When I first started my Christian blog, I remember jokingly thinking to myself that that would be a great way to find my future husband. But I never seriously thought that it would actually happen!


In the previous article I shared about how James and I first met on Instagram; this article is about what followed. Click the link to read Part 1 if you haven’t read it.


After our initial interaction on Instagram and on my blog in the comments section, James found me on Facebook and added me as a friend. I usually keep my personal Facebook profile only for the people I know in real life, but I thought I’d take the chance and add James to my friends.


He wrote me and over the course of a few days we talked about our faith and the churches each of us went to. I discovered that James was from a good Christian family and that his dad was a pastor. James attended a Christian school growing up and also went to a Christian university for one year, before switching to West Virginia University.


We also talked about our Economics studies and the different courses we were taking. He told me some about his university in the US, and I told him about the courses I was taking in Germany.


Eventually James proposed we do a Bible study over skype, probably knowing that as a Christian blogger I would not refuse studying the Bible with him. Very smart of him.


And he proposed we study the book of James :)


So I studied James really hard, the book I mean. I had highlighted a lot of verses and wrote notes. I read though it a few times. I was prepared. And I couldn’t wait to share all that I had discovered in my Bible study with him.


Before our first virtual date I started to stress a bit. I couldn’t decide which sweater to wear. So I ended up changing like 5 times before the skype call, settling on the pink sweater I was originally wearing.


I then proceeded to adjust the lighting and tried to position myself in a place where my face would be nicely lit. And I obviously had put on make up and had styled my hair.


The skype started ringing on my computer and I knew that I was about to discover with whom I was actually chatting all this time. My heart was racing and my palms were sweating. I clicked on the keyboard to answer the call.


Did I tell you that I never before agreed to skype with anyone I didn’t know in real life?


And that’s how the connection between a town in West Virginia, USA, and a small town near Berlin, Germany, was established. The first time we saw each other. The first time our eyes met…


That two-hour skype call seems like a blur right now, but I remember looking at James as he was talking. And talking. And talking…and talking.


As a child, my parents told me that it was disrespectful to interrupt others. I was supposed to listen to people until they finished their thought and only then say something myself. So I patiently listened to James as he was talking, waiting for a silence that would give me an opportunity to talk.


He talked about what he had studied in the Bible and the different things he found. Whenever he was talking about a verse or a passage that I had something to say about I would get all excited that I could share with him my findings. But to my disappointment James would already move on to a different topic before I was able to say something. And not wanting to interrupt him, I proceeded on listening. And then after doing even more talking he ended the skype call.


The first date from James’ perspective:


I’ve always been that extroverted guy that liked to talk a lot. I’d usually be the life of the party, enjoy cracking jokes, and naturally dominate the conversation.


I also didn’t like silence or even long pauses in the conversation. If there were a pause in the conversation, it appeared that something wasn’t right. Silence was a bit awkward, and words were a good way to solve the problem.


During our first skype call I made sure that our conversation didn’t have any long pauses, since there is nothing worse than awkward silence on the first date. So I thought that the first date went reasonably well. In many Bible studies I had participated in, I was used to doing a lot of the talking and did not view it as a negative thing. Frankly, I did not even notice that I was talking that much.


Kristina’s thoughts after the date:


I remember having mixed feelings after the skype call. I liked him, but I didn’t get to talk much at all during the call except for the greeting and the goodbye. I was hoping we would be able to connect during the call as well as we connected during our chats. But since I didn’t get to talk much, I didn’t feel like we connected in real life. In my mind, the relationship was going nowhere.


James & Kristina Love Story Part 3 is coming soon.

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