James & Kristina Love Story Part 4

Being left with mixed feelings after our first skype call, I was really excited to see if I would connect with James the next time he called. Maybe then I would know if there was a future to our relationship.


At the beginning of our second skype call, James said that it was his intention to let me talk more during the call, compared to the last one where he talked like all the time. So he asked me questions and let me talk more. I remember having a really good feeling after the call. I really enjoyed talking to James.


As we were both busy with our universities, most of the communication still happened over chatting. But we did schedule the third skype call a few days later. We had known of the other’s existence for a few weeks by then and were certainly falling in love.


I would check my phone the first thing in the morning and the last thing at night for James’ messages. We were always in an ongoing conversation that only paused for a few hours when both of us were sleeping. It was mostly due to the time difference of 6 hours between the US and Germany that either of us got any work or homework done.


So in my, Kristina’s, mind we were operating like a girlfriend and a boyfriend. But we hadn’t really talked about it and I wasn’t the one to bring it up. After a few weeks of chatting, I did want to have some clarity.


I wanted to know whether we were officially dating. Part of me wanted to know whether James felt the same about me as I felt about him. And another part of me just really wanted to put that relationship status up on Facebook, having never had a boyfriend before in my 20 years at the time. So I was really excited for the third skype call where we might talk about it.


James called and I got to see him again. I think I was falling more and more in love with him with each call, as he looked cuter this time than on the last call.


From James’ perspective


I remember contemplating how it was that I was talking with someone so pretty that at least appeared to feign interest in me. I would sometimes drift off in a daze looking into her eyes. As rare as it was, I was speechless during those times until one of us decided to break the silence.


“Tell me your dreams,” Kristina said in a soothing voice with a cute foreign accent.


I really liked that question from her. She showed an interest in me. It left me with a big smile. Now that I met Kristina, my dreams for the future had been altered somewhat. For a while, the idea of marriage and relationships seemed distant, and so I focused solely on career and future educational prospects. However, now it seemed that starting a family could be within reach as well. And so I shared my dreams with her.


And she seemed not to mind being included in my dreams :) That must be a good sign. This gave me courage to talk with her about our relationship…


From Kristina’s perspective


James was just staring at me with his deep brown eyes. I always had a thing for guys with dark hair and dark eyes. He was just looking at me and smiling. No one had ever looked at me like that before.


He wasn’t looking at my body, he was looking right into my eyes. Right into my soul. It felt really good to be valued and admired for who I was and not for what my body had to offer. He never even complimented me on my looks until recently! He was always first and foremost praising my heart for Jesus, character, and talents. That’s what made him stand out.


I remember James trying to say something during the call, but struggling to find words. He talked about our relationship and how he thought that we really connected over the past few weeks.


“Would you,” he paused, “would you like to be my girlfriend?” He finally asked.


I felt my heart glowing at that moment and a big smile came over my face.


“Yes!” I said.


James was really happy about it and proposed to put the status up on Facebook on February 14th.


He probably thought that would be romantic, but the 14th of February was still a long time away.


“Why wait?” I asked.


It was January 25th at the time of our skype call. James seemed to be happy with my response and said that he will put the status up after we finished talking.


I was bubbling with joy and excitement.


  1. Awww…This is so-o-o-o exciting!!!! Thank you for sharing the beginning of your love story!!! This makes me remember the beginning of my own romance and starting marriage.
    Thank you for bringing back the memories of romance where we were getting to know each other!!!
    Love to both of y’all!!!!!!
    We’re gonna have such a grand time meeting in heaven!!!

    • Awww! Thank you for this comment! It warms my heart :) I am glad you enjoyed it :)

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