My 3 Life-Changing Experiences with God

In this post I share my 3 most favorite life-changing experiences with God.


How I met God for the first time:

When I was 13 years old and still lived in Ukraine I went to a class where they would teach us how to be a lady. Our teacher said that she had one free ticket to the best summer camp in Ukraine and she is willing to give it to one of us. So she put 10 pieces of paper in a hat and on 1 of those 10 papers she wrote the name of the summer camp. She than said that the one who gets the piece of paper with the name of the summer camp will go there for free.


I was not usually lucky in those kinds of things, but this one time I actually was the one who won the free ticket! That same summer I went to the summer camp and my coach turned out to be a Christian.


This was probably the first time I met somebody who truly loved the Lord. Even though at the time I was not sure if I believed in God, that woman planted a seed in my heart and God made that seed grow.


Within few months I started hearing God’s voice for the first time and became a believer ever since.


Reflecting back on that experience I realize how lucky I really were to go to that camp. God gave me a free ticket not to a summer camp, but to heaven.


He chose me.


He has chosen each one of us. We just need to realize how blessed we are to be His children!


How God answered my prayer against all the odds:

Growing up I always wanted to have a sibling. I wanted to have a brother or a sister with whom I can play and have fun. Years passed by, but it just would not happen.


When I became a believer I asked God to give me a sibling. I prayed for 2 weeks almost non-stop asking Him to give me a brother or a sister.


By the end of the 2 weeks God promised to give me a brother.


It was really hard to believe that it will happen since I was already 15 years old by that time and my mother was not that young anymore.


Few months later my mother told me that she was pregnant with a boy. Few more months later my little brother Alexander was born.


Isn’t God awesome?


Two years later I read the Bible and I realized for the first time what a blessing children really are. I realized the importance of children. So I decided to tell my mother about it.


Guess what?


Right after I finished my “children-are-a-blessing” speech my mother told me that she just found out that she was pregnant with another child.


God is amazingly awesome!


So if there is something you are praying about that has very little probability of happening, keep praying! God is so great that He can do everything no matter what!


How God transformed me from depressed to happy:

When I was 18 years old I became more mature in my faith and started sharing it with others. I made a video sharing my story of how I started hearing God, but my atheist friends started mocking the video and my beliefs in general.


My parents were also not believers at the time and did not understand me (they accepted Jesus in their hearts recently, for which I am super grateful!).


I felt lonely. I felt like nobody in the world believes in Jesus. I felt miserable.


So I cried out to God to give me friends. I was depressed and I literary begged God with tears rolling down my cheeks to give me true friends who will understand me. I wanted to have at least one person in the entire world who would understand me and with whom I could share my beliefs.


At the time I was on a summer vocation in Greece with my family. I did not know anybody there except my family. So I was kind of isolated from the world.


I woke up the next morning and decided to check Facebook. I opened my Facebook profile and I could not believe what I saw. I had 98 friend requests! At the time I have probably had less friends than the number that wanted to add me. And I was never really popular on Facebook.


I was convinced this was God doing something in my life. So I added all of those people and started chatting with them.


What was really insane is that every person with whom I chatted was a believer!


For the next few weeks 1,000s of people added to me on Facebook and by the end of the month the number almost reached 5,000, the maximum number of friends one can have on Facebook.


I was shocked. I was never popular on social networks! How did all those people find me?


God showed me that I was not alone in the whole world. He showed me that there were plenty of other believers out there.


And among all those people there was one person with whom I instantly felt spiritual connection. It was noting romantic or anything like that. We started chatting and it felt like we were talking soul to soul.


That’s what I find great about chatting, since you only communicate with words without being distracted by how one looks, sounds, or whatever.


So I started chatting with that person and both of us felt a strong spiritual connection, nothing like we ever felt before.


We chatted for 7 hours straight and continued chatting the next day and the day after that.


We are still friends to this day.


God answered my prayer better than I could have ever imagined! He gave me a true friend who understands me and with whom I can share my beliefs. And He also showed me that there are thousands of people out there who also believe in Jesus.



What is your unique story? Share it in the comment section below.

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