What I Learned in the First Few Weeks of Marriage

My husband and I have read the Bible and other Christian books to prepare for marriage. But the reality of marriage turned out to be different from what we have expected.


We read all those books about how marriage is hard and all the conflict and that it is hard work. And so I, Kristina, was almost expecting something to go wrong in the first few weeks just because other marriages have experienced that. And while our relationship is not perfect, I honestly believe our marriage is great.


Don’t expect something to go wrong just because other marriages experienced that.


Another thing we both  learned is that marriage is so much more than just the physical. It’s about companionship, being best friends, cuddles, eating together, making decisions together, meal planning, getting the groceries, cleaning, and even allowing the other some time alone if they need it.


It’s a lot of fun just doing life together & and it’s also exciting to figure out how to “adult” life together.


Marriage is far more than just the physical. It’s far better than just the physical.


As a girl, what I really love about marriage is those sweet cuddles when going to sleep. It’s watching a movie together while cuddling under a blanket on a cooler evening. It’s drinking tea in candlelight together while our favorite love song is playing. It’s observing how serving my husband actually is and how loving and caring he is. That just makes me want to do more for him! His love in action compels me to fall even more and more in love with him.


I can honestly say that I am more in love with my husband now than before the wedding.


There is just something incredibly connecting about marriage. And large part of it is that I’ve never been so close to anyone before. I’ve never done “married life” with anyone before.


I feel like if I have had a boyfriend before my husband and if I have lived with that boyfriend, I would not be able to experience the intimacy I experience now with my husband.


I am so glad that we both have waited till marriage. Now we are reaping the benefits of it.


I just want to inspire anyone who is reading this to do marriage God’s way! It doesn’t matter what your past is. Jesus can handle all the sin you have and make you pure again. You can just say a simple prayer in your heart now and make the decision to honor God with your marriage.


Marriage makes you realize that character and personality are far more important than looks.


Now I care much less about how my husband looks than before the wedding. It’s his personality and character that compel me to fall in love with him every day. And those things then make me think that he is cute.


Handsomeness comes from within too.


I am glad I married a Christian. Someone who truly understands my core. I am glad I married someone who has a good character. That is important to God, me, and our future kids. We do have completely different personalities, but that just makes marriage fun.


If you are not married and considering marriage, I just want to encourage you to pray and look for a godly spouse, someone who is a true Christian.  Someone who truly loves the Lord. Because if God is your first priority in life, you want to be able to share that with your spouse and be completely understood by them to your very core. Don’t settle for any less.


Pray & wait for God’s best!


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