Memoir: Chapter 13 – Why Life is Not About Being Remembered

When I became a Christian, my priorities shifted. I realized that no matter how many things I accomplished in my life or what university I attended, it would not matter, unless it was to accomplish some eternal purpose in the process. Life wasn’t about accomplishing a bunch of things, such as getting into a top university just to be remembered by people.


Truth is, people die. Those who live after me will die eventually too. The world is going to end one day. What will become of my memory then? Nothing. I realized that I could not define my life purpose by just being remembered by other people. I had to live for something greater than myself to truly make my life count.


Life is not about selfish ambition, it is about serving God by serving people. Life is not about being remembered, it’s about making a difference.


I realized that the difference I make in someone else’s life would last. This life determines the life to come. And if there can be at least one person that got to go to heaven because of me, that’s a life worth living. Or if I am able to encourage someone in the Lord, regardless of where they are in their walk with Jesus, then I am doing the will of God by helping them grow closer to Him.


“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations,” (NIV, Matthew 28:19a).


Jesus said to not just make converts, but disciples. There is value in not just getting people to heaven but also in teaching them or encouraging them in their relationship with God while here on earth. There is value in discipling people and equipping them for the purpose that God has created them for, so that then they can go and make even more disciples, thus spreading the Gospel even further.


That was the period in my life when I felt called to the online ministry. Internet provided so many possibilities to reach people for Christ! So I created a new Facebook profile, just for my blog, and started adding people from Christian groups on Facebook. I probably only added around 100 people on that day and went to sleep. I also remember crying that night because I felt so lonely in my faith. I felt like I was the only Christian out there. I had just got saved recently, and did not have a church nearby to go to, since I was on vacation in Greece with my family at the time.


The next morning I checked my Facebook and noticed 99 friend requests! It felt like God was sending people my way, so I added all of them. In the next few days and weeks people just kept adding me on Facebook. I did not have to add anyone myself anymore. In just a few weeks I had maxed out my Facebook friend limit – I had 5000 friends on Facebook! It was crazy. I asked for some Christian friends, and God gave me 5000 friends on Facebook! So I decided to use the platform that God gave me.


I posted Christian quotes on the wall regularly and shared my blog posts. And I would also spend hours just chatting with people in private messages about God and trying to evangelize them if they were not already Christian. Most of them were open to talking about God, and I had some really nice conversations with them. I even became real friends with one Christian person. This whole experience really provided the Christian fellowship I so craved while in Greece and not having any churches in the neighborhood.


During that time I also found myself at a crossroads. I was applying for universities in Germany and waiting for a response. I was also praying for God’s will. Do I go to university and study towards a secular degree in Economics, as that was the plan before I got saved, or do I just not go to university and do this online ministry instead?


In that season God helped me to understand some things. First, He just wanted to give me a glimpse of what was to come in my life – I was to do online ministry. But at that point, as a baby Christian, I just wasn’t ready for it yet. I wasn’t ready for the influence. I did not know the Bible. He gave me those Christian friends to chat with on Facebook just to help me cope with my loneliness for the time being.


But I myself needed to grow before God would grow my influence.


And second, I needed to find an actual church where I could have real-life relationships. This was confirmed by me getting accepted to a university in Berlin. And it just so happened that the sermons that I was watching the whole summer and that led me to Christ in the first place came from the church located in Berlin! It felt like God was directing me to Berlin, and He confirmed that to me many times since.


So I got to attend the church in Berlin and study at a top university in Germany! God worked things out for good, even though Germany was not my plan initially. So I took it as a confirmation from God that I should move to Berlin to study there and join the church. I was so excited!


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